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Making Humans a Multi-Planetary Species


I wanted to choose SpaceX as a subject because I am personally interested with all of their work, and space exploration. HUGE sci-fi nerd too! I wanted this book to be design with almost a digital, sci-fi or even digital interface feel. In recent years Space Innovation and Travel has had a massive impact on the sustainability of materials and even the environment. A fairly new innovation that, in my opinion, I would have thought we were already doing… which is re-usable or sustainable space transit.

That’s where SpaceX has made huge advances in Space transit with much more of a minimal cost to the environment, and making a fully sustainable rocket, that’s completely reusable.

The Brief

Create at least a 20-page book which informs the reusable innovation and milestones that SpaceX has accomplished over the past few years. Showing a clear understanding that these milestones have an affect on us as a species advancing into the future.

Project produced as part of a University Project, final version was a 36 page book. Non-commercial use.
This is just a concept for practice and the respected company has nothing to do with it.

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