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Case Study

Mundo is a new bistro/cafe in the heart of Port Talbot opening soon. Before the grand-opening, Mundo needs a new identity system to work through the building on multiple stationery. Selling snacks from around the world. In the evening, a bistro style with cocktails and drinks with beers from around the world.

A hand-drawn brand identity inspired by the uniqueness and individuality of people around the world ‘Mundo’.
The humanist approach is applied to communicate personalities and a friendly aesthetic so as to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere. The invitingly warm yellow is the primary colour with muted pastel secondary colours are used to represent different places and cuisines.

The Challenge

With the new bristro/cafe opening soon, the business needs an identity and style for all the branding and prints.


A memorable and recognisable brand to draw new people to Port Talbot. Friendly aesthetic creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

Logo Design

Identity System

Identity System

To compliment the custom hand-drawn logo design, I've included a unique custom drawn icon for multiple options of meals, snacks and drinks as part of the identity system to be used through the brand.

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