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Hidden Gems

Case Study

Producing an online platform to share different places & activities around the UK and further. Creating a branding house of the business name ‘Hidden’ followed by the division ‘Gems, Dishes, Culture, Trails’. The aim is an online website to allow local users and guides to share places that aren’t commonly known, to outside visitors of the area.

It’s getting common now that people don’t go outdoors and engage in the local area. We’ve all had the ‘Where should we go?’ debate on somewhere to go for a day-out with family or friends. Instead of frequently visiting the same places or having the same suggestions from Google and other sites, you would use the new website and platform to find new exciting places to visit in the area.

Target Audience

Families looking for somewhere to go
Friends / Groups
Travellers visiting a new area
Individuals who enjoy the outdoors


Brand House (Logo System)
Website Design & Format (Multiple pages)

The Challenge

A way for local people to find and share local places that are hidden from main stream platforms.


An online website as a platform to share and browse local hidden places to find quick results for local places to visit, or plan a trip away to a new destination.

Logo Design

Identity System

Branding House

To keep the branding constant through each variation of the website, which offer different solutions for the users. A branding house is formed to solve this problem. The categories of hidden are: Gems, Dishes, Culture and Trails.

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